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5 Apps for the art lover (TUAW.com)

Aug 10th 2009 11:02AM I made an iPhone app some art lovers might be interested in. It finds galleries and events in New York by location or category. You can get the same info from the site that powers my app too, even better since it's free. Their site is at http://nyartbeat.com/ and they have another one (the original one) for Tokyo at http://tokyoartbeat.com/
Check out my app here: http://nevan.net/newyorkart/

Mac 101: change keyboard modifier keys with a Windows keyboard (TUAW.com)

Dec 9th 2007 10:54PM @Jake: My problem is that I use a PC keyboard with a laptop, so I keep changing my settings. At home, I use the PC keyboard, but outside I use the laptop keyboard. Doublecommand has promised that they'll make it so that any keyboard is detected, but it hasn't happened yet.

BTW, I always use the 'user' setting, so I don't have to type in my password. What I've been looking for is a script I can run to automatically set Doublecommand to setting "80" (swapped alt and command) if it's set to '0' and vice versa.

iTunes Alternatives (Download Squad)

Nov 8th 2007 10:24PM I love winamp, I wish there was an equivalent for the mac. I want to store all my mp3s in folders and just drag a folder on top of a player. iTunes is stupid about files which are deleted and files which are on external media. There's no way to pop in a DVD of mp3s and just play an album without it adding the whole thing to your library. I'm still waiting for the day that winamp decides to release a mac version. iTunes is just a big dumb 200lb gorilla.

Mac 101: change keyboard modifier keys with a Windows keyboard (TUAW.com)

Sep 13th 2007 6:23PM I use Doublecommand to do this. It's a little easier than the Keyboard pref pane, but still a pain to do every time.

The developer promises:
"The highest priority now is having settings per keyboard, or at least only applying DoubleCommand to a single keyboard."

Microsoft releases Silverlight 1.0 (TUAW.com)

Sep 5th 2007 5:00AM Please do download this so Adobe has a reason to improve mac flash.

Download Squad's Invite-a-palooza: Day 5 (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2007 10:22AM I'm curious, yes please.

Download Squad's Invite-a-palooza: Day 2 (Download Squad)

Jul 25th 2007 11:24AM me too please

Apple posts a boatload of updates (TUAW.com)

Jun 28th 2007 5:44AM update: I tried to reinstall the firmware update from a downloaded copy. It wouldn't let me, said it was up to date. I changed a bit of the code inside the installer package and it installed the firmware updater program (though maybe it was already installed) in applications/utilities. The SuperDrive Update 2.1 won't work, says "No devices were found that require this firmware update."

computer off, battery out, press the on button for 5 seconds to reset, startup. The drive doesn't make it's usual wheezing noise at startup, won't accept discs (usually it pulls them in).


Here's some people on the Apple forums with the same thing:

Topic: Firmware upgrade killed my superdrive

Apple posts a boatload of updates (TUAW.com)

Jun 27th 2007 8:39PM I just installed the superdrive firmware update. The update doesn't ask to restart the machine straight after, I thought this was strange for a DVD drive update, so I quit update and restarted. Just after my desktop disappeared, I saw the "Matsushita drive update in progress" or some similar progress bar, with "Do not restart your computer while this is in progress". Of course it was already too late, my macbook restarted when it was at 60% and now my drive won't accept media (no auto loading). I'm gonna try installing the firmware again, but from what I know about installing drive firmware on PCs, I don't have much confidence.