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Cheerleader Suspended for Facebook Photo (Lemondrop)

Oct 25th 2010 4:16PM I think the school has gone too far. It would be one thing if the picture showed her at some wild teen party living it up, but she was at her sister's wedding with presumably her parents in attendance. The school needs to butt out and mind its own business!

School Shopping List: Pencils, Notebooks and, Oh Yeah, Your Own Toilet Paper (ParentDish)

Aug 18th 2010 5:11PM These lists really have gotten quite ridiculous. This year, my 3rd grader came home with a list that included 6 boxes of 100 count Ziploc bags (MUST be Ziploc), 3 boxes of crayons, 100 sharpened pencils (MUST be Ticonderoga), 3 reams of paper, 5 boxes of staples, 10 containers of hand sanitizers (MUST be Purell), and 5 boxes of tissue (MUST be Kleenex brand). What I don't get, is if every kid is supposed to be bringing in enough for the whole class, aren't they going to have about 30 times the amount of supplies they really need? I mean, do they really need 180 boxes of Ziploc bags, or 3000 pencils? And if generic is good enough at home, why is it not good enough at school?

I went through the list and bought only what I thought was necessary for my son's personal use. I bought a box of 10 pencils (and I will supply him more, as needed), no Ziploc bags (I will supply him GENERIC bags if/when a project arises that requires them), no hand sanitizer (I don't believe in it. Good ole fashioned soap and water will get the hands plenty clean.), a pocket-sized package of tissue (to be replenished as needed), and a notebook of paper for his personal use.

Unemployed Need Not Apply (AOL Jobs)

Jul 4th 2010 2:22PM I am a hiring manager for a large electronics company and I will admit I do give preferential treatment to those already employed. This is not to say that I absolutely will not hire the unemployed; however, all else being equal I will choose an employed job candidate over an unemployed one. I do this because I have been in this business long enough to know how lay-offs work during tough times. Except in situations where the entire shop closes or where union agreement requires lay-offs by seniority, the least capable are laid off first. Why would I want to hire someone else's least capable? I would rather steal away the employee that was deemed worth keeping. I especially like to recruit employees away from comapanies that have recently had massive lay-offs. If the employee survived a massive lay-off, then they must be good!

Cruise wars: To lure tourists, companies vie to launch biggest ship (DailyFinance)

Nov 19th 2009 4:35PM I love cruising and I can't wait to cruise both the Carnival "Dream" and Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas". To me, the bigger the better because the bigger ships offer so much more to do. I haven't seen these great deals that the articles mentions, though. I have been on 3 cruises this year (with a 4th coming in December) and I have paid roughly the same as in previous years. Maybe that's because I have always managed to get great deals by checking prices frequently and using online discount travel agents. Anyone who cruises more than once learns that you never pay full price for a cruise!

Walmart to Amazon: You're going down! (DailyFinance)

Nov 19th 2009 4:08PM I shop at Walmart for just about everything, but when it comes to books, Amazon has my loyalty 100%. Not only are their prices great, but they have extensive reviews on just about every book so I can decide if I'll like the book before buying it, and their shippest is the fastest of any online retailer I've used. If I order a book on Monday, I nearly always have it by Wednesday and oftentimes it arrives on Tuesday. Last time I ordered from, it took 2.5 weeks to receive my item. Walmarts going to have to beat Amazon by more than a few pennies to get me to switch over.

Bully Web Site Lands Missouri Teen in Jail (Switched)

Oct 19th 2009 3:09AM This sort of thing as been gone on amongst teenage girls for generations. The only difference is technology has taken it out of the schoolyard and onto the Internet. Is it mean and wrong? Yes! But unfortunately it is also normal among girls that age (not the nice girls, I know, but not every girl is nice). Certainly, there must be a better way to handle it then locking the kid up. All that's going to do is teach her to be a better criminal.

Unless her website threatened the other girl or encouraged others to do violence against her, I doubt any criminal conviction would hold up if challenged to a higher court. Missouri's law is too broad and crosses the line of infringing on freedom of speech, unless the website actually advocated violence against the girl. Most laws passed as a knee-jerk reaction to a tragic event, such as Missouri's anti-bullying law, cross the line into unconstitutionality. The website very likely is libelous; however, libel is a CIVIL offense, not a CRIMINAL one. The injured girl can and should sue in civil court.

Quick Tip: Which Grocery Lane is Fastest? (Shelterpop)

Oct 10th 2009 3:52PM I shop at Winco, a large discount grocery store, that gets VERY busy. They have about 30 lanes and it is not uncommon to go in and find them all open. As a result, no matter how crowded the store is (and it gets VERY crowded), the wait to checkout is never more than a few minutes. Often, even on the busiest days, you can just walk right up to an empty cashier. You have to bag your own groceries, but I actually like that because I can control how heavy the bags are and combine items based on how they will be unpacked (refrigerator items in one bag, bathroom items in another, etc.). I don't know how they can afford to hire so many cashiers and still offer the lowest prices in town (by far).

On the other hand, I sometimes stop at the Walmart Supercenter to pick up a few items. You practically have to plan on packing a lunch to get through their checkout lines. Rarely are more than 2 or 3 lanes open (no matter how crowded the store) and the cashiers move like molasses!

The four-day work week: Coming soon to a town near you (DailyFinance)

Oct 4th 2009 6:12PM I tried a 4-day week for a while. The 3-day weekends were nice, but the 10-hour days were disastrous on family life! Factoring in commuting time and the lunch hour, my son was spending 12 plus hours a day in daycare. By the time we got home, he was cranky and tired and could barely make it through dinner. My old children didn't fare any better. Family dinners (something I always considered very important) became rushed because by the time I got home, it was already late and we had to still get baths and homework completed. There just wasn't any time left to spend as a family. The extra day off helped, but you can't just be a parent 3 days a week and leave them to fend for themselves the other 4 and that is exactly what I felt I was doing.

The four-day work week: Coming soon to a town near you (DailyFinance)

Oct 4th 2009 5:39PM I worked a 4-day work week for about 5 years, but recently switched back to a standard 5-day week. I really liked the 3-day weekends, but the 10-hour days were getting to be too much. What I have found since switching back to 8 hour days is that my productivity has skyrocketed. My concentration and productivity would wane each day after about 7 or 8 hours, making the last 2 hours practically useless and painstakingly long. Conservation is great, but I think it does have to be weighed against the likely loss in employee productivity.

Update: Dress Code Sends Irate Parents To School Board (ParentDish)

Oct 3rd 2009 3:55PM How is not wearing stripes, florals, or Winnie the Pooh better for anyone's children?