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It's no Download Day, but IE7 is trying to reduce carbon via download (Download Squad)

Jun 26th 2008 3:44PM "and up-to-date web standards."

Isn't it kind of ironic that MICROSOFT is pushing for this w/ INTERNET EXPLORER on a website viewable w/ SILVERLIGHT.

.XXX back on the drawing board as ICANN plans big domain name changes (Download Squad)

Jun 26th 2008 3:36PM I agree that messing w/ this could be a bad move. I mean, the top level domains have important functions in that they reveal a lot about the organization controlling the website. It's nice to know that, .gov is a government website and .com is a corporate site. It tells u a lot about potential issues w/ the information such as weather or not it might be biased, or spun, if its just a cheap sales gimmick.

Why even have TLDs if they are going to be completely open to whatever you want them to be.

Nintendo ordered to pay $21 million to patent troll (Engadget)

May 15th 2008 9:21AM Visited the link that was posted in an early response. Company claims to be an "intellectual property investor." That is the biggest croc of shit I've ever heard. Thats fancy speak for "We buy patents and sell them at ridiculous prices after someone else does the work of moving a product to market... or we sue the piss out of you." I for one am highly displease that this crap is clogging up our courts.

oh and btw i patent the idea of moving an electron through a metallic conductor, im gonna start suing ppl next week if they don't start handing over buttloads of cash

Disney / Thinkway Toys' Ultimate WALL-E robot cleans up on camera (Engadget)

May 7th 2008 2:06AM I didn't get to watch the vid cuz my laptop sucks... but the impression i get from the comments is that it sucks. This disapoints me, there was so much potential here.

InPhase to finally ship Tapestry 300r holographic storage solution in May (Engadget)

Apr 28th 2008 10:41AM For a gadget blog you guys are suprisingly negative about this. It's new tech; of course its expensive. No... It's NOT meant for you. Get over it.

But hey, ill send a memo out to all of the major corporations working on new disk technology, "people are fine w/ DVDs stop working on new technology." Because 300 GB on a disk is just soooo unnecessary.

Fancy brain scans can detect when the mind wanders (Engadget)

Apr 22nd 2008 12:08PM I hardly doubt you would have major corporations sitting around with all of their coworkers hooked up to brain scanners so that they can detect people who are starting to zone out. Even if this did occur, the scanners would tell the emplyers that that employee needs a break. Then perhaps employees would be more efficient when they get back and maybe the employer could save money or at the very least have a more accident free day.

or what you said... your story is much more fun. (fun as in interesting not fun as in jumping w/ joy)

Dallas considers shutting off red light cams, since they're working too well and harming revenue (Engadget)

Mar 16th 2008 1:13PM When i first read this i thought they were cameras set up in the Red Light District. I could see how having cameras there might decrease revenue. The article was considerably less fun to read when i realized what they were actually talking about.

In light of my revelation, I found it incredibly unnerving that the government wishes to curtail usage of a device known to lower accident rates, because it has worked to well and they are now seeing decreased revenue. I hope the citizens of this area see what sort of priorities their government really has.

TSA explains MacBook Air grounding: just doing its job (Engadget)

Mar 14th 2008 10:23AM Shouldn't the TSA be expected to continually learn about what may be coming through their scanners. They work in an area w/ high buisness trafic. Buisness men = money and money = fancy devices. They should know what sort of devices they might come across.

Crime spree ends thanks to GPS ankle bracelet (Engadget)

Mar 14th 2008 10:15AM I vote that we start implanting this technology in to newborns. Then crime will cease to exist. Trust me, I'm a college student.

iPhone SDK downloads exceed 100,000, upcoming games get outed (Engadget)

Mar 12th 2008 10:44AM Over nine-thousand iphone sdk downloads!