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OpenSUSE 11.0 review, part 3 (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2008 3:02PM Yes, please see http://en.opensuse.org/PS3 to see how you can install it on a PS3. Enjoy!

Filemaker releases Bento preview update (TUAW.com)

Dec 10th 2007 11:51AM Any idea what this is supposed to cost? It seems like a great idea, but before I download and decide I'd like it, it'd be nice to have some idea what the license cost is going to be. Is that somewhere on the site? Can't find it.

Leopard Love: "Go To" in TextEdit (TUAW.com)

Oct 29th 2007 2:18PM What's a Good mac'ified editor that supports vi-like keybindings? The aqua version of Vim on Mac OS X could do with some improvement.

Behold: Bacon placemats (Slashfood)

Jun 18th 2007 12:55PM OMG, that's so wrong, it's right. :-) Mmmmm, bacon!