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Motor Trend defends its selection of Chevy Volt as COTY (Autoblog)

Nov 19th 2010 6:27PM I would agree. When I first saw the Volt won, my first thought was "it's not even on the market yet". Sure it's a technological marvel, but what if it hits major problems once it goes into mass production (and given GM's quality history, it wouldn't be shocking)? Like all new/breakthrough technologies... there are bound to be some problems.

This just seems a little premature if you ask me.

Video: Ariel Atom dices it up on the track against... an Epson printer?! (Autoblog)

Oct 22nd 2010 12:53PM Never been a big fan of Epson printers, but that was pretty impressive

Rumormill: BMW to replace M3 sedan with M3 Gran Turismo?! (Autoblog)

Oct 22nd 2010 11:24AM If they lower the price of the M3 sedan, I'll be more than happy to take on off their hands!

Video: Boy receives shock and awe from Tesla Roadster (Autoblog)

Oct 21st 2010 6:20PM I do see the resemblance!

Video: Boy receives shock and awe from Tesla Roadster (Autoblog)

Oct 21st 2010 6:19PM WTF are you talking about?

Video: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit puts an MP4-12C on the police force (Autoblog)

Sep 27th 2010 5:01PM Awesome! I loved the original Hot Pursuit when I was a kid. I always loved taking on the role of a cop, can't wait for this to come out!

First iPhone 4 camper spotted, one week early (update: video) (Engadget)

Jun 23rd 2010 10:51AM Hey that's my car in this picture!!!

Puerto Rican funeral home presents shooting victim on his motorcycle [w/video] (Autoblog)

Apr 28th 2010 11:33AM This is creepy as hell (so is the dead guy standing up in his mothers living room) yet I'm fascinated...

Like others have said, if that was my brother or family member, put him in a closed casket... I dont want to see my dead relative, thank you very much.

Video: San Diego 'runaway Prius' has media buzzing (Autoblog)

Mar 9th 2010 4:10PM GM Fanboy are we?