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AppBrain vs. Android Market Web Store, which one will rule supreme? (Download Squad)

Feb 3rd 2011 1:14PM The Android Market is useless since there is no way to identify new or updated apps. Even the on-phone Market has the "Just in" category so one can see updated and new apps.

Engadget's 6th birthday giveaway: 'Gadget of the Year' edition (Engadget)

Mar 7th 2010 8:31AM What are the chances...?

Caption contest: What is Craig doing? (Engadget)

Jan 8th 2010 1:03PM He's doing his best Gilbert Arenas impersonation

Engadget's recession antidote: win a Zivio Boom Wireless Headset! (Engadget)

May 5th 2009 2:01PM Please, please, please....