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Sonic Generations: Special Edition spotted at GAME (Joystiq)

Jul 13th 2011 6:47PM Why don't we even have a release date for this yet?

Sonic Generations demo out now, gone in 20 days; iOS App out in Japan (Joystiq)

Jun 23rd 2011 2:23PM I loved this. I played it for more than an hour, and eventually got my completion time to 59.07 seconds. I was hoping of it was completed under a minute there would be a bonus stage or something. Oh well. :(

Happy Fourth Birthday, iPhone! (

Jan 9th 2011 7:19PM If that was the most exciting moment of your life ever, you really need to get out more.

Fable 3's opening cinematic is chock full of chicken (Joystiq)

Aug 4th 2010 12:52PM @Mouthsmasher

I like your avatar.

Swag Saturday: Halo 3: ODST [update] (Joystiq)

Jul 31st 2010 7:11PM I'm excited for the LULZ

Microsoft defends Kinect pricing (Joystiq)

Jul 28th 2010 10:07PM Wait, the Kinnect only works with 2 people. What the hell?! I didn't know that.

Xbox 360 slim shipping today for $299; 250GB HDD, built-in Wi-Fi (Joystiq)

Jun 14th 2010 3:10PM Wow, I saw some shots of the back, and it has 3 USB ports? Does this mean there isn't any in the front? I mean, it looks like there is a little cover like on the original 360, but there aren't any pictures that show it open.

Xbox 360 slim shipping today for $299; 250GB HDD, built-in Wi-Fi (Joystiq)

Jun 14th 2010 3:08PM I like it, but I can only wonder how much truth is behind the "Whisper Quiet" statement.