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Google stops censoring in China, creates "China dashboard" (Download Squad)

Mar 22nd 2010 7:55PM Gmail isn't blocked. Is that because they can hack it?

Google discontinuing FTP support for Blogger blogs (Download Squad)

Feb 2nd 2010 10:42PM @chrisg

How about strobist.blogspot.com?

I see your point, but there are a lot of quality blogs on Blogspot (along with the garbage).

Google returns the favor, includes Avast antivirus in Google pack (Download Squad)

Jan 18th 2010 2:32AM I'm surprised that Google still offers the bloated and slow Adobe Reader instead of something more nimble.

VeriSign says Chinese government was behind cyberattack on Google (Download Squad)

Jan 14th 2010 6:18PM They're not daft at all - they're protecting their buyers. If the U.S. "sank", who would fill Uncle Sam's shoes?

Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 8 (Download Squad)

Sep 25th 2009 9:10AM Go with GIMP.

Minnesota tells ISPs to block gambling sites (Download Squad)

May 1st 2009 6:45PM I think this is a better solution than hunting down and prosecuting the gamblers.

How to save your Google Pages data before it shuts down in June (Download Squad)

Apr 20th 2009 1:57AM Google Sites can host files.

Go retro in Windows 7 with the Windows 98 Plus! themes (Download Squad)

Apr 9th 2009 7:29PM I'll only get them if they have Clippy.

Mozilla unveils "cognitive shield" new tab concept for Firefox (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2009 7:10PM I don't want to be negative because I love FireFox, but it sounds like more memory drain. These features are great and I have found that I can't live without the add-ons, but I want the browser to be more nimble.

And I like displaying the most visited sites a la Chrome.

California targets internet maps, seeks blurry buildings (Download Squad)

Mar 4th 2009 4:40PM Has Google Maps been around since 2001?