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SmillaEnlarger makes images bigger, but maintains quality (Download Squad)

Aug 6th 2009 5:00PM Yes, I agree.
Downloadsquad has wandered a bit, although to stay relative, you must be adaptive.

Lets get more 'download' back in the squad.

Snowbird is a fast, light weight search utility for Windows (Download Squad)

Aug 4th 2009 5:44PM I used Locate32.
Talk about instant, locate32 begins searching with each letter you type.
There is nothing faster.

Mozilla Weave gets faster, adds Fennec support on WinMo in .5 release (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2009 5:46PM You know, I sincerely think the comments on DLS would be more populated like that of Lifehacker if we didn't have to post & verify my post with an email.
How about just logging in? Seems to work for Lifehacker...

To my comment...

I installed Weave on my home desktop and work notebook for the simple reason of picking up tabs and such when I get home. However, a home sync failed and wiped out all my bookmarks and hung indefinitely. It just kept saying it was syncing. Even after reinstall ...same thing.

Don't try and get any help over at the support group, my question has been unanswered or responded to at all for 3 weeks now.

Help Button in the extension settings take you here:
...A nice 404 page

Pros: Great Idea, Cool Logo
Cons: Doesn't work. Developers don't care.

I would like to see Google Firefox sync developed.
That at least worked.

...Now off to approve my own comment I go... ugh....

Google Wave to send out 100,000 invites in September (Download Squad)

Jul 22nd 2009 2:39PM 'Lee's post from May' just links to the google wave site. :(

Mozilla Weave 0.4: Synchronize Firefox settings across computers (Download Squad)

Jun 29th 2009 2:26PM Now, if they could just add extensions & scripts this would be AWESOME!

Realtime event tracking with (Download Squad)

Jun 3rd 2009 1:23PM This has potential but is a kind of lame proof of concept release that you can only track 3-4 events....?

If you want to see a better idea in action, has a real time feed and will display results from an query.

HP releases netbook interface for Ubuntu (Download Squad)

Feb 4th 2009 3:02PM It kind of looks like my Netvibes layout.

Microsoft launches Phone Data Manager Beta (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2008 2:33PM Maybe we can get my MotoQ9M to actually work with existing ActiveSync before they release betas.

Plug in phone = Activesync cannot connect to the windows mobile device.

Tried all the uncheck advanced network settings.

No support anywhere.


Use Tweetake To Back Up Your Twitter (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2008 1:58PM i simply wish they would fix the 10 page limit bug.
this is very annoying and their explanation is that is affecting some, not all users.

wish i would have known about this after realizing that my old tweets would not be available.