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VLC Media Player can be pretty, too (Download Squad)

Dec 28th 2007 3:11PM "Please note that current releases of VLC do not support Skins on Mac OS X."

Its default theme fits OS X OK, though.

Internet Explorer 8 renders Acid 2 successfully (Download Squad)

Dec 20th 2007 12:23PM @Whatevar
The test is broken since yesterday, that's why FF3B2 and others don't pass it right now. No conspiracy involved as far as I know ;-)


And yes, standards compliance is important. It means interoperability and freedom of choice.

iPhone-style scrolling on Windows Mobile (TUAW.com)

Jun 14th 2007 7:56PM Scrolling isn't that new, is it?

TUAW Video: VMware Fusion (TUAW.com)

Jun 14th 2007 2:23AM Nice show.

VMware has reliability, broad OS support and good user support as its main strengths. That makes it a buy for me.

It is half the price today if you haven't bought into Parallels already or the same as the upgrade to PD 3.0. At such low prices the cost of the license really should not be that important, either way. 40 or 80 USD, come on. Better ask yourself which product saves you the most headaches.

The mentioned Vista boot camp support is exactly that - experimental - because it triggers Windows activation every time you change between boot camp and VMware boots. So be aware of that if you are interested in that feature.

No ZFS by default for Leopard (TUAW.com)

Jun 12th 2007 4:54PM "Update: ZFS is still an option in Leopard, it is just not the default. I've updated the headline to reflect this."

"No ZFS by default" could also mean ZFS to be not part of the distribution at all. It could also mean to be a possible choice for a boot partition. Would be great if you could clarify the situation. Thanks.

VMware Fusion Beta 4 now available (TUAW.com)

Jun 8th 2007 10:52PM A very solid product. A sure buy for me.

Being able to use the same images at work on top of its great stability and performance make this the outperformer for me.

This software is what I dreamed about as soon as I read Apple goes Intel. And now it runs on my MBP :-)

I had started with Parallels, but now I switched. I thank them for giving me the first available vm solution, though.