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Joost to kill desktop client, provide browser-based video player? (Download Squad)

Sep 6th 2008 9:15PM I remember being very excited about Joost but after using it for several months I grew tired of it's slow interface. Also my PC performance would slow way down after only a few minutes of use. I can't wait to try the new web app.

iPods blocked from synching with Linux (Engadget)

Sep 15th 2007 11:10PM I've been using Juice Receiver (formerly iPodder) to download podcast for about 2-1/2 years. I've always been able to have my podcast files automatically exported to a playlist in iTunes. After an iTunes update last week Juice became crippled, and I was forced to use iTunes to catch all of my podcast (about 35 shows). iTunes released another update (v7.4.1.2) yesterday but my Juice pod-catcher is still bricked! I love my iPod, and I use iTunes for all of my Mp3 playback on my desktop PC and laptop, but I don't like having one of the most useful features yanked away without notice. I work 10hr shifts at my job and have relied on podcast for 90% of my personal entertainment over the years. I had my podcast downloading/fetching set up just the way I liked it, and now it's gone. I know that iTunes is free, and Apple has the right to do with it as they please, but what harm was there in continuing to allow 3rd party application to setup a playlist in iTunes?