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Joyswag: Moon prize pack [update] (Joystiq Nintendo)

Feb 26th 2009 11:55AM Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS was my first FPS. It was one of the first games I bought when my kids and I switch from our Gameboy SP's to the DS Light. It took me forever to finish Metroid Prime Hunters. And once completed I decided to replay the game because I failed to achieve a pure 100%. I've sicence completed the game several times with 100% achievements. Now my son is working his way through the games and I'm pissed that his skills are much better than my skills the first time around. He's whipping ass in most boss battles and figured out the triple bomb jump within a few minutes. It took me days to do a triple bomb jump. Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS is still my favorite FPS on the DS.


DS Daily: Bummed about the GBA (Joystiq Nintendo)

Oct 7th 2008 5:29PM For me it's the RumblePak as well. My RumblePak inserts flush with my DS Lite....it's awesome. It would be nice if Nintendo some how integrated a rumble feature into the new DSi, but thats just wishful thinking, eh? I have no plans to buy the DSi as of yet. I want to wait at least 6 months to a full year after the U.S. release. This gives me plenty of time to see if game developers cozy-up to the new design...I guess they have no choice, eh? I also can't wait to hear from early adopters and what they think of the game-play with older/current DS titles on the new DSi. As far as the new hardware, I'm excited about downloadable games/content via wifi, the SD card support, and the wider screens on the new DSi. Maybe Nintendo should "Pull-A-Zune" and let the older DS, and DS Lite access downloadable games/content and save it to a storage card built for the GBA slot...once again, wishful thinking.

DS Daily: Checking in on your backlog (Joystiq Nintendo)

Sep 30th 2008 1:48PM CrossworDS
Hotel Dusk Room 215 (The re-released version)
Space Invaders Extreme

These are the games I would like to finish before plunking down cash for another NEW game. Three ain't bad, eh? I will admit that most of our DS games (between my kids and I) are arcade type of game play with millions of levels that simply go on, and on. If we put them down in favor of another, it's no big deal. In fact, I like putting a game on the shelf for a month or two. It kind of gives me a fresh charge when I pick it back up again and continue where I left off.

Joost to kill desktop client, provide browser-based video player? (Download Squad)

Sep 6th 2008 9:15PM I remember being very excited about Joost but after using it for several months I grew tired of it's slow interface. Also my PC performance would slow way down after only a few minutes of use. I can't wait to try the new web app.

DS Daily: In the public eye (Joystiq Nintendo)

Aug 25th 2008 11:08PM I enjoy playing my DS out in the wild. I sometimes notice when people are watching me play, but not all the time. People will sometimes disrupt my game-play to ask questions of the console and the types of games that are available..."No problem, what do you want to know, eh?" And just for the record, I almost never see PSP owners running their consoles out in the wild.

DS Daily: The other Wi-Fi (Joystiq Nintendo)

Aug 16th 2008 8:06PM I've played against others via wi-fi with MarioKart DS and Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS. Every time I venture into the wi-fi space I get my but kicked! But I totally love the gaming against total strangers via wi-fi. My DS totally ROCKS because of it!

Fanswag: USA Today Crossword Challenge (Joystiq Nintendo)

Aug 13th 2008 8:57PM I have a few co-workers who do crossword puzzles from the local paper every day. I envy their persistence when it comes to completing the puzzles by the end of the work day. I just recently picked up CrossworDS and I love it. Originally I was just going to add this game to my kids collections of DS titles hoping they would play it during summer break. But I haven't been able to put it down...the kids have to wait til I'm done! I'm about 40% of the way through all of the puzzles. I'm sure the USA Today Crossword Challenge has much harder puzzles to solve as well as the New York Times Crosswords for DS. Either way I'll just keep knocking down these puzzles 1-by-1 until I finish them all.

One for the dads (Joystiq Nintendo)

Jun 15th 2008 10:55PM Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's!

DS Daily: What's your favorite Nintendo handheld? (Joystiq Nintendo)

Jun 15th 2008 10:36PM Don't get me wrong....I love my DS Lite. But I really did like the GameBoy SP form factor.

Free Wi-Fi for DS no more at North American McDonald's now (Joystiq Nintendo)

May 29th 2008 9:31PM I connected to McDonald's free wi-fi for the Nintendo DS only once. I played a few rounds of Metroid Prime Hunters DS...and got my ass kicked while sucking on a milk shake and stuffing fries in my mouth. The service worked well, I never lost my connection. I kept telling myself that I would go back to use the service, but I just don't like hanging out at McDonald's. Now if Nintendo could work out a sweet little deal with Starbucks???