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Evolution: Outlook replacement, now for Windows (Download Squad)

Nov 6th 2006 3:30PM As an Outlook replacement? I was looking at doing that a while ago, but you had to pay for the exchange connector. Is that still the case? If so, that would be the deal breaker.

Engadget's Cleaning Out Our Closet Contest (Engadget)

Aug 16th 2006 9:58PM #1 JB1. Because the only thing I've ever won is a plate of brownies at a Cub Scout raffle. They were the ones my mom made....from a box. :-(

Ask Engadget: who likes their Bluetooth mouse? (Engadget)

May 5th 2006 8:05AM I use the "The Mouse BT AL" from Mac Mice with my Powerbook.

The downside is that my feels a little creaky anc cheap, but a co worker of mine bought one as well and it seems much more solid.

Pairing is easy, reconnecting is simple. Two buttons and a scroll wheel in an attractive package.


Live in Shoreditch? Prepare for 2Gbps to your home. (Engadget)

Mar 7th 2006 10:53AM Believe it or not, this was done here in Indiana almost three years ago. The company I worked for was leasing dark fiber and providing the same IPTV, Internet, and CCTV services. It failed in grand telecomm fashion because of poor performance and broken proises. It sounds great, but the end result leaves much to be desired. I agree with Chris. It may be fast to your door, but the rest of the infrastructure will likely lack the same speed.