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Steve Jobs, in doll form (

Dec 10th 2010 6:54PM Everyone is getting these this week. 9to5mac got theirs yesterday morning

GV Mobile+ for Google Voice on the iPhone released (

Sep 18th 2010 3:15PM If it is released, can we haz a link to it then? Otherwise, this post seems more than a little disingenuous.

In Brief: Amazon tips hand on Microsoft Office release date (

Sep 10th 2010 2:31PM I think you got the wrong source. This was posted last night. Computerworld just picked it up an hour ago. THx

Parallels Desktop 6 appears on store shelves (

Sep 5th 2010 11:44AM Parallels 5 went on sale for $20 yesterday, so this actually makes a lot of sense. The good news is that Parallels has, in the past, given people who've recently purchased a free upgrade.

Google launching a Chrome OS tablet on Verizon, goes on sale November 26 (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2010 10:23AM HTC doesn't use NVIDIA for its chips. It uses Qualcomm. Otherwise, you made up a pretty solid tale.

iPhone OS 4.0b1 jailbreak available -- for devs only (

Apr 18th 2010 10:47AM Oh, true…but even that was Friday :P

Apple updates patent for magic wand remote (

Dec 31st 2009 5:33PM You forgot to mention the most important part rof the patent. The AppleTV photoshop application!!

Arthur Levinson departs Google board amid FTC probe (Engadget)

Oct 12th 2009 1:29PM Not sure if he followed Eric Schmidt's lead. Schmidt left Apple Levinson left Google.