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New PlanetSide 2 gameplay footage spotted in the wild (Massively)

Jan 5th 2012 12:52PM @Maseno

Pay-to-win titles: Titles that offer often game-breaking Cash Shop-only items via better weapons, armor, or item enhancements for faster leveling, etc..
- Cosmic Break
- Dungeon Fighters
- APB Reloaded
- Allods Online
- Grand Chase
- Pangya
- Elsword

Limited Access F2P games needing Cash Shop items to enhance the game experience: Must pay if you need increased character customization options or increased space/storage or increased character slots, money storage options, etc.
- Dragons Nest
- Mabinogi
- Vindictus
- Grand Chase
- Rusty Hearts
- Allods Online
- APB Reloaded
- Silk Road Online
- Lord of the Rings Online

F2P games that limit access to storyline or missions:
- Mabinogi

I can name more, but with the dearth of F2P games I've played in the last 10 years, F2P games have been nothing but nickle and diming players to make money.

The only F2P game that comes to mind that has done it right and done it well was Guild Wars 1. You buy the game and you have FULL and UNLIMITED access to all areas of the game from weapons to armor to character customization options to storyline quests and missions. And, I expect no less from Guild Wars 2... hopefully.

Many of the F2P games I've come across really will make you pay in order to compete against other players (APB, Pangya, etc.) or have you pay in order to get better weapons (APB, Cosmic Break, etc.) or have you pay to get items that enhance gameplay experience or it'll limit your ability to advance in the game.

I'd rather have a pay-to-play (P2P) game with full access to all features, missions, quests, storage options, and areas to the game.

If it's a F2P game, ideally I'd like:
- No game breaking weapons and armor in the cash shop
- Cosmetic-only armors. Dragons Nest is a good example. The cash shop armors though offer extra stats have a costume feature that shows the armor over your regular armor.
- Limited character customization items in cash shop. I don't want to be limited to only a dozen or less character customization options from the start and having to pay for the other two dozen or so from the cash shop. FUCK NO!
- ZERO items in cash shop to make the game easier for other players
- ZERO items in cash shop to make you better at PVP over other players
- Full access to quests and missions from day 1 of registering for the game
- Full access to storage options or have storage options both easily obtainable through quests without resorting to the cash shop to buy them
- Player skill and experience prioritized over players who buy items with real life money to enhance their character

That's how it should be done in an F2P game. If not, I'd rather be paying to play an MMO.

I don't like seeing players cheat their way to the top, or earn items with ease over other players who spent the TIME and EFFORT to get them through normal means, or see players that throw real life money at game items to better themselves rather than taking the time and effort to learn how to play the game, get better at it, and do it the normal way.

[Updated] On the second day of giveaways, BioWare gave to me... (Massively)

Dec 14th 2011 11:21AM After having played the beta, I am going to make a Smuggler character. I had a lot of fun playing that job. When you get to level 10, you can become a Gunslinger which I did, and seeing my character do her best Han Solo imitation, I liked it even more.

APB: Reloaded unveils a boatload of new screenshots (Massively)

Dec 10th 2011 7:57PM @Quarlo

Yup, there is a lot of aimbotting and hacking in the game. It was the last straw that made myself and my friends quit the game for good.

Bullets flying through the wall? Yup, happens.

Sniper getting perfect shots every single time? Sniper shooting three, four perfect shots every single second without missing? Get this: The sniper doesn't spend time looking for a shot. He just turns and shoot as if HE ALREADY KNOWS THE TARGET IS THERE.

That happens all the time in the game.

Character with a starter rifle shooting perfect shots from long range? Yes, happens in the game.

Let's not forget the weapons that are sold in the store. This game is very much a pay to win game. If you don't spend money on the permanent weapons, you won't get far in the game. The temporary weapons are nice and all but to keep affording them you have to continually do missions to get in-game cash.

Or... you can spend extra money for a 30-day Premium membership where you can get extra EXP and in-game money bonus to missions you do.

This game is flawed in every respect. It's fun the first time but gets old fast after a while. And, don't expect to win solo missions against a Premium or higher ranked member unless you too have a cash shop weapon or get very damn lucky.

Also, the game lacks new areas and the two districts in the game can be repetitive after a while.

New 17-hole course coming to Pangya United (Massively)

Oct 26th 2011 2:24PM My friend who was an avid Pangya player since they launched in the US stopped playing a couple months ago. I used to play with her, too, practically nearly every day. I haven't played in a few months as well.

The problems that existed during Ntreev's days and during SG Interactive's days still persist:
- Botting and cheating. It becomes obviously clear when you see a player come on and keep hitting Pangya and Hole In Ones like it was nothing. A human is never perfect especially in golf or a game unless you are really a perfectionist, which I find hard to believe in this game because you have to factor in wind speed, slope of the ground, power of the stroke, spin and curve of the ball, and direction in order to get into the hole.

- Ridiculously low Gacha and Scratchy drop rates. You WILL BE forced to spend at least $80 on points on average in order to get what you want from either the Gacha or Scratchy. If you get it before you spend $40, you are stupidly lucky.

- A lot of players have stopped playing especially on the North American side. Most of the players you will see frequent Pangya are outside the US.

- Recently, SG Interactive has been throwing up a lot of events and free item events to lure players on to do them. My friend surmises the game is probably dying.

Many players have been complaining that the game is managed and run differently than the Korean and Japanese versions, and run poorly mind you in the American version. The Gacha and Scratchy drop rates are LOWER than the Asian version of Pangya. You are really forced to spend a lot of money in the NA version. The events are also less varied and the prizes are lower than the Japanese and Korean versions. You will not see the same costumes or nearly all of the costumes released overseas come to the US.

This issue isn't just happening in Pangya but also in Grand Chase with similar systems to Gacha and Scratchy Cards. That too also has low drop rates.

Put it this way: SG Interactive is about as bad as Nexon in free-to-play games. Both have their issues with botting and cheating. Nexon also has problems with RMT and gold sellers in nearly every game. Both are also purposely make certain gameplay mechanics require you to spend a lot of money in the cash shop. SG Interactive being more worse about it than Nexon. And, both are not very attentive to player problems. If one complains that CCP isn't that attentive to player issues, then they should get a prize for actually listening because SG Interactive and Nexon would rank a distant last place. Literally.

As much as their games are fun, both Nexon and especially SG Interactive fail to fix their games' problems, fail to listen to the players, and make the player experience much more different than their Asian counterparts. (SG Interactive moreso than Nexon.)

The Daily Grind: Can you have too many options at character creation? (Massively)

Oct 2nd 2011 1:31PM @Brendan Drain

Yup. I definitely agree with you Brendan.

EVE Online's character creator has the best one I've seen so far. Aion was good but too many sliders.

The one thing I liked about EVE's is that you can literally sculpt your character the way you want to. It's fluid, intuitive and creative. It honestly makes me wish it was implemented in other MMOs.

Dragon Nest patch brings players to the Edge of Darkness (Massively)

Sep 3rd 2011 1:01PM @real65rcncom

Yup, I love the dialogue and script in the game. It's at times comedic to spouting hidden sexual innuendos to scratch-your-head asking, "Did they really say that?"

Lol. it's hillarious what those NPCs say to you.

The Daily Grind: What are you looking forward to at Dragon*Con? (Massively)

Sep 2nd 2011 12:13PM In the words of an Imgur poster:

"y no zoom?"

Luvinia Online announces open beta date (Massively)

Sep 1st 2011 9:02PM @(Unverified)

... About to turn into KFC-- Kentucky Fried Chocobo.

EVE Evolved: Predictions for DUST 514 (Massively)

Jun 13th 2011 1:37PM @HokieKC

Actually there are difficulties in getting an MMO on the 360. You would have to look around the net to find it. The biggest example is FFXI and FFXIV.

Square-Enix had to make negotiations with Microsoft in only requiring Silver Membership for FFXI players to play that game. Microsoft reluctantly allowed it given that the Xbox Live service and the 360 console were still new at the time of the 360 release-- 2006.

Fast forward to FFXIV and Xbox Live has become a cash cow for Microsoft especially with DLCs and other content on Live. Square-Enix would like to put it on the 360 but Microsoft has changed their tune. Microsoft will not allow FFXIV unless its members sign up for the Xbox Live Gold membership. And, they would want it to go through their Xbox Live servers thereby giving Microsoft a reason to require Gold Membership.

Tell me how many players are willing to pay for both Xbox Live and a monthly subscription fee? Some would but in this kind of economy, I'm sure not a lot would want to pay double.

Square-Enix is still trying to get FFXIV on the 360 but given Microsoft's stance and stubbornness I don't think it will ever come to that console.

Microsoft is restrictive. You can google this.

- Updates must be approved by Microsoft.
- Updates and any matchmaking is done through the Xbox Live servers.
- Monetary transactions are handled by the Xbox Live servers.
- Additions and expansions to any game must be hosted as a DLC. Team Fortress 2 is a good example. Valve had tried to work out a negotiation with Microsoft to allow additions to the game for free but Microsoft would not allow it. This did not happen with the PS3 at all.
- Cross-platform play requires Gold Membership regardless of the game. For cross-platform games between PC and the 360, Gold Membership is required for the console port and Silver Membership for the PC port. This is mentioned on the MSDN XNA website network information for developing games on the 360.
- Games hosting multiplayer games whether peer-to-peer, dedicated hosting, or server-client, all matchmaking and connections must be done through the Xbox Live servers. Again, that also requires Xbox Live Gold membership.
- Developers make zero commissions out of any Xbox Live Gold membership.
- Developers only make money from DLCs while a portion of that revenue goes back to Microsoft.

There are very few exceptions like FFXI. And, as you mentioned, EA and Dungeon Fighter Online are other exceptions. However, I will not be surprised both developers had to make concessions to Microsoft in order for them to bypass the Xbox Live servers.

Microsoft also has the strictest and most expensive licensing and certification processes in the industry. For example, getting a program certified to install on Windows costs about $700 per license per software.

I would not be surprised that crossplatform play isn't possible between PS3, 360, and PC without requiring additional certificates and permissions from Microsoft.

To Microsoft, it's either their way or no multiplayer at all.

Battlefield 3's exciting 'Operation Metro' multiplayer, Frostbite 2 engine trailers (Joystiq)

Jun 6th 2011 7:24PM @subby socks

DiCE has already confirmed in a recent video game magazine issue that the console port WILL HAVE REDUCED visual quality because the current gen systems (360/PS3) will be unable to fully utilize the Frostbite 2 engine.

If you want to see and have the full experience, get a PC.