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Enter to win a copy of the Sparrow email client for Mac (

Feb 11th 2011 6:49PM wow, checked out the video on their website and its awesome. pick me!

:/ never get stuff from tuaw

Dear Aunt TUAW: From Earth to Romania (

Sep 7th 2010 8:01AM Dear aunt tuaw,
I wish i could annotate my pdfs on my mac with audio but i cant seem to find an app that does this by itself. Circus Ponies is great but it doesnt allow me to do both PDF and Voice annotation.
Am I missing this magical app?

Win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad from TUAW (

May 3rd 2010 5:25PM wow! lots of comments!
maybe it can be me!
maybe Tuaw will give me that birthday gift i never got for my birthday.

The store is Back Up! (

Apr 13th 2010 8:40AM New macbook pros inclusing 13 inch!

Dear Aunt TUAW: Did Steve Jobs gift me an iPad? (

Apr 2nd 2010 12:38PM haha. Gee, you guys here at tuaw are funny.

What will iPad magazine covers look like? (

Mar 27th 2010 10:46PM this looks great. agree, looks like harry potter newspaper. YAY technology.
dont like vetical magazines? ... then make horizontal magazines. I remember i used to get a kiddy magazine that was wide.(it was cool)

Iris suspends development, users can upgrade to Acorn for free (

Mar 23rd 2010 5:45PM agree. when I ran update software it would tell me about the other iris.
the app wasnt that strong when compared to pixelmator

TUAW giveaway: A mobile bonanza from Dr. Bott (

Mar 23rd 2010 5:26PM MD VA DC!

Things coming to iPad, updates to 1.3 (

Mar 17th 2010 1:12PM On the same boat as the others. Not dropping any more money for things. It was abandoned for months, now that they have come back we still don't have push

Black Swan brings Google Voice back to the iPhone without the App Store (

Mar 9th 2010 6:06PM I am still figuring out how to import contacts but it is definitely a step up.
So disappointed -->apple.
Its awesome how much it looks and feels like a real app.