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PlayStation 3 Slim sweeps the 2009 Engadget Awards (Joystiq)

Feb 22nd 2010 11:05PM You can't deny the "Apple Tablet" was highly anticipated. Whether people liked it or not that's another thing.

Proper web browsing on a console: Firefox coming to the Sony PS3? (Download Squad)

Nov 20th 2009 10:32AM Considering there is none for 360 and the Wii one just became free, the PS3 one has been godsend

PSN download charges proving unpopular among publishers (Joystiq)

Mar 20th 2009 6:16PM I wonder if PS3 users buy more DLC and games than on other platforms. PS3 has a more mature audience and has extra money from not paying Xbox Live, I think they can handle spending a penny more than the rest.

Internet Explorer 8 slips early on Windows Update (Download Squad)

Mar 19th 2009 1:08PM You meant to say Internet Explorer 8 RTM instead of RC1, right?

Five sandboxing apps to protect your Windows computer (Download Squad)

Mar 12th 2009 1:30AM I think SteadyState can help you, look into it.

Windows 7 shipping this Fall... according to Compal, anyway (Engadget)

Feb 26th 2009 2:57AM If it's not made by Compal, then it's probably made by Qanta.

Cable companies work to bring new online content to pay-TV subscribers (Engadget)

Feb 20th 2009 3:22PM Can you even read? They are talking about bringing new content (like HBO) online, all other content like (NBC, ABC, etc) will remain free. They are just bringing extra content online for their costumers.