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RSS Feeds

Our main feed with all posts is, but you can subscribe to feeds for individual categories below:


Subscribe to DownloadSquad by type of coverage. If you just want breaking news, grab the 'Breaking' RSS feed, or simply subscribe to the 'Features' feed for more in-depth stories.


We've cleaned up a bit here, and all of our content coverage is broken down into the following topics.

Sites and Platforms

Or maybe companies, sites and platforms are more your style... You can subscribe just to our Facebook or Google news feeds.

Exclusion Feeds

You can also create a feed that excludes any collection of tags that you don't want to show up in the feed. Just use the following:

This will give you a feed of every DownloadSquad post that does not contain the specified tag. Combine tags using a comma for the and boolean, and a pipe ("|") for or. Sorry, but you cannot combine and and or.