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Condé Nast scoops up Ars Technica for Wired

Condé Nast Publications (which owns Wired,, and a whole bunch of major magazines) has agreed to purchase Ars Technica for an undisclosed sum. According to TechCrunch, Ars will be placed under the Wired Digital umbrella under CondéNet, which was made whole with the 2006 acqu...

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Google joins Bloglines with iPhone version of Reader

Monday Google unveiled yet another beta site. Google Reader is now formatted for the iPhone. iPhone users tired of pinching and stretching and tapping text only links in the normal version of Reader or dealing with the plain Classic mobile version of Reader can head over to

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Nominate the best for the Flash Forward Film Festival

Flashforward2008 is going to be in San Francisco this August. This annual conference is directed at Flash designers and developers and those who aspire to be called a designer or developer. Every year Flashforward features a Film Festival with open nominations of the best Flash content out there. In...

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Escape Pod - Download Pod

Last time we told you about a science podcast that was all about getting to the truth, now let's look at a podcast that covers the other side of science. Escape Pod is a weekly short story podcast hosted by Stephen Eley released every Thursday. The three-year-old podcast will stretch your mind with ...

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