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DS Reader? Facebook user? Become a fan!

The Download Squad Facebook page is finally alive and kicking. If you're a Facebook user and enjoy reading Download Squad, come on over, become a fan, and join in the shenanigans!...

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Happy Halloween! Help yourself to these moldy old posts

Halloween costumes from the Internet: happy Hallo-meme! Stepping away from the computer for a few hours to trick or treat or go to a costume party doesn't mean you have to leave the internet behind. Six classic horror-iffic games for Halloween Turn ou...

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The top 30 WordPress Plugins list made by you

Lists of top [anything] are a big hit across the interwebs. They pack a lot of information into a neat list that's easy to comb for exactly what you need. As WordPress keeps gaining momentum and popularity, more and more bloggers are posting lists of their favorite plugins that help them stay on top...

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