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ColorPix is a fast, free Windows color picker

I recently went on a search to find a good color picker for Windows that was both portable and fast so that I could stop making the trip to Photoshop whenever I needed to find a color value. After trying a number of different applications, I was delighted to find ColorPix (an app from ColorScheme...

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Play for the Cause; get games cheap and support Child's Play

It's easy to get fixated on Steam when it comes to digital distribution of games, but they aren't the only option for Windows users. Starting today (and running through September 10), Stardock is running Play for the Cause and is donating a portion of the proceeds from their Impulse platform to C...

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Bing reboots webmaster and SEO tools

If you run a website and you care about getting your site listed in relevant search results, then you may want to check out the brand new Bing Webmaster Tools. When Microsoft first launched Bing, they started inviting feedback from web site administrators and SEO specialists about what they thoug...

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Show off your work with Creative Portfolio Display for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the definitive social network for professionals looking to stay connected with colleagues, peers and other business relationships and keeping them up-to-date with where you're at and what you're doing. While LinkedIn's dynamic resume approach to a personal profile is a great way to s...

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