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Download Squad Search: Now with 200% more Useful(TM)

If you've ever tried searching for a particular post on Download Squad you might have found it a tad frustrating. Our built-in search engine was never very, er... good. But I'm thrilled to report that those days are over. Our talented developers have swapped out the old 'n' crufty search engine for some brand new hotness. The main enhancements are: It now does an AND search rather than an OR... Read more »

Google dumbs down Images results

My friend Ty pointed out to me today that Google has changed the interface of Google Images, and not necessarily for the better. While the old results display for Google Images searches showed a thumbnail of each image along with the host's domain name, the image's dimensions, and a short description (taken from the image's context on the site). Now Google Images only shows the short description... Read more »

A peek at the new Netscape 9.0 - EXCLUSIVE

Okay, let's work through some naming confusion for a second: These days Netscape is a pretty multi-faceted brand, but for the purposes of this post we're talking about just two of those facets:, the web site recently reborn as a social news site, and Netscape Browser, the web browser that you download, install on your computer, and use to browse web sites... like Got it?... Read more »

Pirate Bay, mininova, and Torrentspy among top Alexa sites

TorrentFreak is reporting that three top BitTorrent tracker sites--The Pirate Bay, mininova, and Torrentspy--have accomplished the inevitable and entered the Alexa 200, the top 200 most-trafficked sites on the web acccording to Alexa. Torrentspy has the highest rank at 153, followed by mininova at 165, and The Pirate Bay barely squeezing in at 198. While nobody argues that Alexa's rankings are... Read more »

Vista Countdown: 7 Days - What's wrong with it?

Windows Vista lands in one week, everybody. Personally, I can't wait--not because I'm going to go straight to the store and buy a copy, but because I can stop writing stories about everybody and their mom's predictions about the impact Vista will have, and start writing stories about the impact it actually has. Eventually. Actually, those articles are already starting to trickle in, like this one:... Read more »

Piano Hero: Learn to play piano, have fun?

I took piano lessons for a couple years when I was a kid. I never became a virtuoso, but maybe if I had had Piano Hero I could have. It's an open source edutainer in the mold of Guitar Hero and the like, except with a piano instead of a guitar. It's a bit rough around the edges and definitely doesn't have the eye candy appeal of its console brethren, but if you want to improve your real piano... Read more »

Free, non-destructive partitioning with GParted

One of the best and handiest tools in the power user's toolbox is GParted. I've written about it before, and the short version is this: GParted is an open source Linux app for modifying your hard drive's partitions without losing any data. It has support for a huge number of file systems, including those belonging to Windows, and though it's not as easy to use as some commercial solutions, it has... Read more »

$10 free from Google Checkout - which stores are participating?

Awhile back we reported that Google is really trying to push its Google Checkout payment processing service by offering a $10 coupon to everyone who signs up. They're still offering the coupon, and they've even dropped the if-you-spend-$30-or-more requirement, and today I decided to bite the bullet and grab my sweet, sweet coupon. But I was a little annoyed that Google doesn't tell you up front,... Read more »

Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.1 is now available!

It's a big day for one of Mozilla's greatest projects. "Firefox?" you ask? No, the other one. "Thunderbird?" No, no, the other one. That's right, a new version of Mozilla's internet suite SeaMonkey is available today. In case you're not familiar with it, SeaMonkey is the open source spiritual successor to Netscape Communicator. If that doesn't mean anything to you, I suddenly feel very old, but... Read more »

Welcome Ian Smith to Download Squad

Sue Polinsky isn't the only great new blogger we brought on this month. The other newest member of our team is Ian Smith, who brings with him his love of productivity and knowledge of "life hacks." You might already be familiar with Ian as the "Joe" behind Joe's Goals, a cool Web 2.0 goal-tracking app that I'm a huge fan of. Welcome to the team, Ian!... Read more »

Gmail-ify your Thunderbird

Use Thunderbird for your desktop email needs? Wish it were more like Gmail? I bid you take a look at GMailUI. It's an extension for Thunderbird that aims to import some of the best features from Gmail. No, I'm not talking about conversation view (it will be a glorious day when every mail client offers that as an option), unfortunately. First of all, it steals Gmail's archive paradigm, allowing you... Read more »

Flash Player 9 for Linux final released

At long last, Adobe has released the final version of Flash Player 9 for Linux. The first beta version was released back in October, and today is the first time in a long time the Linux player has been caught up to the Windows version. The version released is x86 only, and there's no word on whether a 64-bit version is on its way. Rumor over at Slashdot is that Adobe's Penguin.SWF blog is... Read more »

VirtualBox: InnoTek's virtualization goes open source

Virtualization was big in '06, and it's shaping up to be huge in '07. The first company to make big news in the new year is one we're not so familiar with: Germany's InnoTek. What's the fuss? InnoTek has unexpectedly open sourced its VirtualBox virtualization software. VirtualBox looks like a pretty mature virtualization tool that runs on Windows and Linux and supports Windows (including Vista),... Read more »

WordPress Ultimate Gamer's Pack

So you've got a blog and you want gamers to be able to read it easily on their Wii, PSP, or DS? Well, if your blog is built on WordPress, you're in luck! WordPress Ultimate Gamer's Pack is a set of WordPress plugins from David Harper that make your WP blog play nice with game consoles. There's one for the Nintendo Wii, one for the Nintendo DS, and one for the Sony PSP. They aim to eliminate or... Read more »

Tab Effect for Firefox

I like Tab Effect, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's useful. It's an extension for Firefox that adds a sort of rotating cube effect when you switch tabs. It's powered by DirectX 8, so it'll only work on Windows, and how well it performs may depend upon the quality of your graphics card. My graphics card, for example, is a piece of crap, which may be why Tab Effect performs a tad sluggishly.... Read more »