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Google releases Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google Cloud Connect, Google's plugin that integrates Google Docs and Microsoft Office apps, launched last November for a limited number of users. Now, Cloud Connect is ready for prime time, and the plug-in is available to everyone. Cloud Connect allows you to save your Office documents to the cloud, edit them in Google Docs, and sync the changes back to your desktop. It doesn't replace Office... Read more »

Minecraft coming to Android devices

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Minecraft, the popular world-building game, would be coming to iOS devices, Minecraft has been announced for Android, too. No release dates have been set yet, and we don't know whether iOS or Android will get Minecraft first. What we do know is that both mobile versions of the game will hit before the desktop edition that comes out later this year.... Read more »

Final Cut Pro 8 could arrive from Apple this Spring

Apple's Steve Jobs has said in recent emails that Final Cut Pro, Apple's venerable video editing app, will be getting an "awesome" update for which we should all "buckle up," but that update could be coming sooner than we thought. Sources have told TechCrunch that Apple is now in the final stages of "the biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years... Read more »

Netflix and CBS sign deal for more streaming shows

Netflix has just signed a deal to add CBS shows to its streaming library. The two-year agreement means Netflix subscribers can watch Medium, Frasier, Cheers, Star Trek, Twin Peaks and more via the Watch Instantly feature. Unfortunately for viewers, CBS is still wary of putting recent or currently-running shows on Netflix, because they want to keep the reruns (and the ad revenue) for themselves. ... Read more »

Twitter for BlackBerry beta adds push notifications, threaded DM conversations

Twitter for BlackBerry has a new beta release that adds some very important features, including push notifications for @mentions, direct message threading, and geotagging support. Twitter for BlackBerry 1.1 beta is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The new push @mentions feature notifies you with a pop-up when you get a new @reply, and you can set it to work with any @mention or cut... Read more »

Hipmunk Flight Search app comes to iOS

Hipmunk is a unique flight search service that rates airfares based on cost, length of trip, and "agony," a score that combines price, duration and number of stops, and now there's a Hipmunk Flight Search app for iPhone and iPad that lets you search and book flights on the go. The app is extremely well-designed, and it's arguably easier and more fun to use than Hipmunk's Web interface. ... Read more »

Twidroyd and UberSocial - formerly UberTwitter - get Twitter API access back

Twidroyd and UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter) have regained access to Twitter's APIs and should now be functioning as normal. Twitter suspended the apps -- owned by UberMedia -- pending changes that would bring them in line with Twitter's API terms of use. Ubermedia has made the changes to Twitter's satisfaction, although Twitter still intends to periodically review the company's apps for... Read more »

Adult Swim app brings full episodes and games to iPad and iPhone

Adult Swim is brining its lineup of shows and games to the iPad and iPhone via a new, free app. The app lets you watch full episodes of Adult Swim favorites, including Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and it also serves as a dashboard for Adult Swim games. Many of the games are paid apps -- usually priced at a reasonable 99 cents -- which is the same price you'd pay... Read more »

Google Docs Viewer adds 12 new file types

Google Docs is getting better and better at replacing desktop office software. Today, Google added support for 12 new file types in Google Docs Viewer, including all remaining Microsoft Office file types, Apple's Pages format, and Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator files. A few important niche document types made the cut, too. Designers rejoice, because TrueType fonts and vector graphics files are... Read more »

Twitter suspends UberTwitter and Twidroyd for policy violations

Users of popular Twitter clients UberTwitter and Twidroyd found that they couldn't log into Twitter today, and a post in the Twitter help center explains why: UberTwitter and Twidroyd have been suspended for violating Twitter's policies. TechCrunch followed up with Twitter on the suspensions and discovered that the suspended apps were violating Twitter's privacy, trademark and monetization rules.... Read more »

PlayOn for Android lets you watch Netflix, Hulu and much more

Android owners who are sick of waiting for Netflix support now have another option: PlayOn Mobile for Android. This mobile app delivers streaming video from Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central and more to devices running Android 2.2+ using Flash and a Windows companion app. PlayOn works over WiFI or 3G, and it's free to download, but requires a subscription ($39.99 for year one, and then $19.99 a year)... Read more »

Pixelfari browser lets you surf the web in 8-bit on OS X

Pixelfari is unlike any other Mac browser on the market: it renders every webpage in glorious 8-Bit. Pixel-fonts are the default, and the icons have all been 8-bitified. Every image Pixelfari loads gets pixelated, too. It's a bit jarring for an everyday browsing experience and it doesn't exactly support contemporary web standards, but Pixelfari is a fun novelty. Oh, and this shouldn't surprise... Read more »

OpenFeint announces OpenFeint Connect cross-platform gaming API

Before Apple introduced Game Center, iOS gamers got their scores and rankings fix from OpenFeint. Don't count OpenFeint out, though: the company now boasts 65 million users, and it's about to launch a cross-platform service called OpenFeint Connect that will let gamers on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, OS X and Windows compare scores. Even Facebook games could potentially connect to OpenFeint.... Read more »

Kindle for iOS updated with real page numbers and new progress indicators

Amazon's Kindle eBook app for iOS devices just got an update to version 2.6, which adds some minor (but useful!) features. You can now view the actual page numbers of thousands of Kindle books -- which correspond to the physical editions -- making it easier to cite passages or jump from screen to paper without losing your place. And speaking of finding your place in a book, Kindle for iOS 2.6... Read more »

NBA Jam for iPhone is just as fun and addictive as the classic SNES version

If you loved NBA Jam on the Super Nintendo console back in the '90s, the iPhone version will transport you back to the slammin', jammin' days of yore. If you're new to the classic two-on-two basketball game, prepare to waste a whole lot of time, and get some ice ready for your sore thumbs. NBA Jam for iPhone is a faithful translation of NBA Jam Tournament Edition, featuring at least three... Read more »