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Kindlebility sends Web pages from your computer to your Kindle

KindlebilityKindlebility is a bookmarklet that can send any Web page you're viewing to your Kindle. Kindlebility will format the websites so that viewing them on the Kindle isn't a pain. Once you've set it up (more on that in a moment), Kindlebility only requires one click to use -- and the pages arrive on your Kindle in seconds.

Before you use Kindlebility for the first time, you have to quickly set it up. This only needs to be done once, and requires that you go to the Kindlebility site and enter your Kindle email address (something or The bookmarklet is then generated for you, and you can drag it to your bookmarks bar. However, you can't use it just yet. You need to go to Amazon, enter your account page, and find the email whitelist under the Manage My Kindle settings. Then just add to the whitelist.

That's it. Whenever you're surfing the Web on your computer and find an interesting page that you want to read on your Kindle, just click the Kindlebility bookmarklet. A quick demo video showing you how to set Kindlebility up is after the break.

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