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Telus recruits Leonard Nimoy to vet your Facebook status updates

What Would Leonard Nimoy Say
Have you ever thought your Facebook status updates lacked finesse? Ever regretted saying that to the whole of Facebook about 30 seconds after hitting send? Ever wished you had your own personal Leonard Nimoy to proof read your mind-dumps before you make a fool of yourself? Yes, me too, and now you can!

Brought to you by Telus, What Would Leonard Nimoy Say (WWLNS) is a Facebook app, which allows you to run your status updates past the legendary sci-fi actor before slapping them up on Facebook. To use the app you must 'Like' it, and sacrifice your https connection if you happen to have it enabled, but that's the price you pay to have Spock proof read your inane musings.

Check out Telus on Facebook to take the app for a whirl, and jump on over to Engadget to see more Nimoy-Telus combinations.

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