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Apple iAds get an app all to themselves with iAd Gallery for iPhone

Apple iAd Gallery
Ever thought to yourself: "I wish there was a way that I could just see ads without the rest of this crummy ad-supported app getting in the way"? Well now you can, thanks to Apple's latest and greatest release -- the iAd Gallery app. This magical new app allows you to view all of Apple's current iAd advertising campaigns right on your iPhone:

'Great ads. On-demand. In your pocket. The iAd Gallery is a celebration of advertising, featuring iAd campaigns from some of the world's best brands and their advertising agencies.'

You can even save your favorite ads for later viewing, or pick at random by spinning the 'wheel of iAds.' Unfortunately for Europeans, and anyone outside of the US in fact, Apple's iAd Gallery is only available in the US App Store. So, for our US-based iPhone-wielding readers, head on over to the App Store to get your fill of advertising.

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