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WordPress 3.1.1 is a recommended security update, also improves performance, the insanely popular self-hosted blogging platform, has just received an update that bumps it to version 3.1.1. According to the official blog post on the matter -- and made obvious by the minor revision number -- this isn't a release centered on exciting new features, but that really shouldn't deter any user from updating.

WordPress 3.1.1 contains many security fixes, and as such not updating as soon as possible may leave your blog vulnerable to attacks. Among the fixed issues are two relating to the media uploader, an XSS flaw, and one that caused a PHP crash in certain conditions when handling "devilishly devised links in comments."

Alongside the security patches come performance improvements, fixes for taxonomy and some permalinks, as well as various things that have been causing plugin compatibility issues.

If you're currently a user, you should have already gotten notified about the update in your Dashboard. If not, or if you aren't a user just yet, you can download WordPress 3.1.1 from the official website.

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