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Google Books for iPad adds in-book search and landscape mode

Google Books for iPad landscape view

Google has updated its Books app for iOS today, and the new version brings a handful of bug fixes, performance improvements, and a couple of new features. One of these is iPad-specific: reading books in the landscape orientation on Apple tablets is now possible. The second is the addition of a Find feature which shows you all the matches for a particular query as you scroll.

Tapping Get Books now logs you into the Google eBookstore with the same username you used to log into the app itself. The magnifier has been removed, the book downloading experience and the overall speed of the app have been improved, and 3D page turning now works on iPads running iOS 4.3.

All of these represent small steps toward making Google Books a solid and compelling e-book reader for iOS. What remains to be seen is whether it will ever manage to attract a significant number of users from the likes of iBooks, Kindle, or Kobo.

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