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Google mobile search gets redesigned results for stocks

Google mobile search results for stocks

Google has launched a new mobile-optimized way to display search results for stocks. This works around the inherent limitations of how much information can be shown at once on a phone's small screen by letting you swipe horizontally to navigate.

When you search for your favorite stock ticker symbol on your smartphone, you'll be presented with a result page that can be seen to the left in the image above. It displays an interactive graph on a 'card', and you can switch the amount of time that the graph covers by simply tapping on the buttons below it.

If you swipe the card from the right to the left, you'll be presented with a new 'card' that contains the latest financial news for the company. If you swipe again, you'll get a market overview, and a further swipe will get you to a summary of your stock portfolio (but only if you have created a Google Finance portfolio and are logged in to your Google account).

The new feature is now available in English for iPhone and devices running Android 2.1 or newer. More languages are on the way, but support for other mobile platforms seems unlikely, judging from Google's recent track record.

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