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Adobe Flash Player 10.3 beta 2 and AIR 2.7 beta released for download

Adobe Flash 10.3 beta 2 AIR 2.7 beta
Adobe's just let fly its latest beta of Flash Player bringing it to 10.3 beta 2. The update brings stability increases and bug fixes, as well as all the new features from the beta 1 release earlier this month. Adobe has also brought its AIR runtime up to speed with the latest developments in Flash, releasing Adobe AIR 2.7 beta for your downloading pleasure.

AIR 2.7 adds support for Adobe SiteCatalyst's Media Measurement tools that allow media analytics with just a few lines of code. Adobe's Acoustic Echo Cancellation, which it introduced with Flash 10.3 beta, has also made it across into its AIR brother, allowing developers of AIR-based VoIP systems to take advantage of Adobe's new audio enhancement tools. Finally, an enhanced HTMLLoader API has made the cut, giving standalone AIR apps more control over clickable HTML links.

For the full skinny and to download Flash Player 10.3 beta 2 and AIR 2.7 beta, then head on over the Adobe Labs.

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