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Twitter kills QuickBar from its iOS app

Twitter for iOS QuickBar removedTwitter has just updated its iOS app, and the biggest change that version 3.3.3 brings is something many users have asked for -- the removal of the (in)famous dickQuickBar. First introduced in an update at the beginning of this month, this new feature has seen immense backlash from users of the app, who considered it had only one purpose -- to intrusively serve 'promoted trends' and help Twitter make some money.

Subsequently, Twitter backpedaled a bit by making the QuickBar no longer cover tweets once you scrolled down. Apparently that hasn't gone down well with users either, since Twitter has now decided to outright remove the QuickBar. In its blog post on the matter, Twitter explains that its goals for the QuickBar were innocent -- it wanted to let users in on what happened in the world beyond the borders of who they follow, and the feature was also supposed to serve as a means of delivering in-app notifications for @ mentions and direct messages.

Despite Twitter's sweet talk, one thing is clear: the QuickBar was a mistake. Perhaps not its addition per se, rather the fact that it was forced upon everyone. A setting (defaulted to Off) may have gone a lot better with the vocal lot that Twitter 'influencers' are. Anyway, today's the day Twitter ends another backlash surrounding a choice it has made regarding the way people use its service. Not the first one, by any stretch of the imagination, and it probably won't be the last either.

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