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Adobe Photoshop for iPad will get real layer support in the future

New Photoshop for iPad color mixer

During the Photoshop World conference's keynote, Adobe has unveiled some details about the next generation Photoshop for iPad, that's being worked on as we speak. Despite the recent feature additions to the current version of Photoshop for iOS, that's still an 'Express' app, and for good reasons -- although quite robust, it's nowhere near as capable as the desktop software going by the same name.

However, that gap is set to narrow with the upcoming (as of yet unnamed) version of Photoshop for iPad, which will bring real layer support for the first time in a mobile image editing app (see image after the break). It will let you add, switch to, and edit layers, and an isometric view will allow you to see the different layers with a quick glance. You'll be able to drag and rotate image objects, and the app will feature a new color mixer that allows blending colors "like a painter," according to the image you can see above.

It's unclear at the moment when Adobe plans to launch the new full-featured Photoshop for iPad, or whether it plans to bring its features to Android or other mobile platforms. One can hope, though.

New Photoshop for iPad layers

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