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Google Street View trike adds historic landmarks from Italy and France to Google Maps

Google Street View Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Google's been busy with its pedal-powered Street View trike, going where no Street View car can reach, bringing us some of the most impressive virtual tours of significant landmarks across the globe. Now Google has made available Street View imagery of some of the most historic and impressive places in both Italy and France.

Have you ever wanted to take a look round the Colosseum in Rome which was built in 80 AD, but just haven't had the chance to jump on a jet over to Italy? Or how about the glorious Château de Fontainebleau, which has been home to French Royalty through the ages just outside of Paris in France? Well now you can make a virtual visit from the comfort of your office chair courtesy of Google Street View. While it's never going to be the same as feasting your eyes on the real thing, it's incredible to be able to take a virtual stroll through some of the world's most prestigious and fantastic landmarks.

So what are you waiting for, point your browser to Google's Street View gallery, and take a gander at some of the wonders of the world, or seek them out directly in Google Maps. Just don't let the boss catch you on your little virtual holiday.

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