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Gmail ads will start learning from your email habits

Gmail better ads

Google is preparing to make the ads in Gmail even more accurately predict your tastes and needs. While Google has been relying on the contents of each individual email to help it target the ads next to it, the coming overhaul will make ads learn from the entirety of your email correspondence.

To become more relevant to you, Gmail ads will start using some of the same signals that are incorporated into Priority Inbox, the feature which lets you separate important messages from bacn. Google explains that if you've had a lot of email conversations about digital cameras, for example, you may want to see a local deal from a camera store. If, however, you've recently marked camera-related messages as spam, you probably don't. A Google spokesperson has told TechCrunch that "offers and coupons for your local area" will soon be served by Gmail as part of the new system, highlighting the company's increasing efforts in the local space.

The ads featuring improved relevance will be slowly rolling out to Gmail users. For starters, you'll see a notification such as the one depicted in the image above, inviting you to Google's dedicated information page about the new system. You'll be able to turn the new feature off through Gmail's Settings, but you will be opted-in by default.

For those concerned with the privacy implications of this, Google says that the interest profile established by Gmail will not be used by any of Google's other advertising products. Also, like the original Gmail ad product, this will be a fully automated system -- no Google employees will secretly read your emails to find out just how much you love those lolcats.

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