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Desktoday for Mac neatly unclutters your desktop

Desktoday for Mac dektop cleaning

Desktoday is a Mac OS X utility that lets you quickly unclutter your desktop. It removes all the files and folders that are on the desktop, and puts them in a special folder with today's date. Desktoday is easily accessible at any time via an icon placed in the system menu bar in the top right corner of the screen.

Here's how it works. You start it up, and, the first time, select where you want the Desktoday folders to be stored. By default they go into your Documents folder, but you can change that, and even use a different drive. You can also toggle the app auto-starting upon system launch.

Now, when you want to get rid of all the desktop clutter, just let Desktoday do its thing by selecting Clear Desktop from its menu. All the files and folders from the desktop will get moved to a special folder with the day's date as its name. Keep in mind, though, that Desktoday organizes items by the date you cleaned your desktop, and not the date when a certain file or folder on your desktop was created or modified. So to make the most of the app, you'll have to use it often -- perhaps every day.

Download Desktoday for free from the Mac App Store

Desktoday for Mac settings

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