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SugarSync for iOS adds remote PC file management, background music streaming

SugarSync 2.2 for iOSSugarSync, the online backup and file sync service, has just announced the availability of SugarSync 2.2 for iOS, a version that represents the biggest ever update to SugarSync's iOS app. It adds many new features, most of them inspired by user feedback.

First of all, SugarSync for iOS now lets you remotely manage files on your computer. Be it copying, moving, or deleting, you can now do all of that from your iDevice, for files and folders, both for individual items and multiple selections -- as seen in the image to the right.

Another important new feature is the ability to publicly share any file that's available to you in SugarSync, with just a couple of taps (see image after the break). You basically navigate to the file you want to share, tap on the blue arrow next to it, then select Copy Link to Clipboard, and from then on you can paste that link into any text box (say, in your email client). The link isn't a short one, so for use on Twitter you'll probably want to feed it to a URL shortener before posting. This is an interesting feature, but can also turn into a security issue if people don't exercise caution using it and end up publicly sharing files that aren't supposed to be public.

The SugarSync music player now (finally) works in the background, allowing you to use your iDevice for other stuff while listening to your music collection stored on SugarSync's servers. Also new is the ability to import photos from SugarSync into your device's Camera Roll, and a list of frequently asked questions is now built into the app. You can even refer friends to SugarSync straight from within the app. For each referral that joins SugarSync, you'll receive 500MB of additional storage if you use the free service, and 10GB if you have a paid account.

Download SugarSync 2.2 for iOS for free from the iTunes App Store

SugarSync 2.2 for iOS public sharing

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