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BufferZone sandboxing for Windows goes 64-bit, beta available for download

trustware bufferzone pro 4 sandboxing
Trustware BufferZone is a great way to add an additional layer of security to your Windows computer. It's a sandboxing application, which means it helps isolate programs so they can't directly interfere with your Windows installation. Sandboxing is a terrific way to defend against malware infections.

Unfortunately, BufferZone had one serious shortfall. When Windows 7 arrived and the push to 64-bit kicked into high gear, the program wasn't compatible. That has now changed, with the release of BufferZone Pro 4 beta which supports both Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64.

Interested testers can register for the beta, and it's worth trying out. Additional security -- especially at no charge -- is usually worth a trial run.

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