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Wikipedia Beautifier makes the encyclopedia more readable, removes clutter

Wikipedia Beautifier

Wikipedia Beautifier
is an extension for Google Chrome that removes all the clutter from Wikipedia and lets you focus on the most important aspect of the online encyclopedia: its content. Wikipedia Beautifier has been inspired by Readability, and aims to provide the same amount of article-centered beauty, while also keeping the familiar navigation menus within reach.

After you've installed the extension, all Wikipedia pages will look as good as the one in the image above. If you need to use any of Wikipedia's navigation elements, fret not. They will neatly fade back in if you just mouse over the top or the left of the page.

Wikipedia Beautifier changes the content fonts to big, serif fonts, justifies text, and adds automatic hyphenation. It also makes various margin adjustments that result in things just lining up in nicer ways on Wikipedia pages.

If you use Wikipedia daily, appreciate the information it provides but not its design, and generally enjoy beautiful fonts and minimalism, this is a must-try. And since the navigation options fade in when you want them to, you don't even have to sacrifice usability for beauty and cleanliness.

Download Wikipedia Beautifier from GitHub

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