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BlackBerry OS 6.1 due this spring, will bring massive upgrades

blackberry os 6.1
When the BlackBerry Torch debuted, public reaction was cooler than RIM anticipated -- and that didn't sit well with the Canadian company. During its annual year-end call, however, RIM revealed that it had been working away at a major update to BlackBerry OS 6 in order to deliver an experience that end-users (and the company itself) could get excited about.

BlackBerry OS 6.1 is now expected sometime this spring, and Engadget reports that the .1 appears to be a bit misleading. RIM is approaching the update as an overhaul, not merely a minor tweaking. You can probably expect to see BlackBerry OS 6.1 in action this May at BlackBerry World 2011. We'll keep you posted when a beta or final release hits.

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