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AVG Mobilation for Android tablets is a full-featured security suite

avg mobilation android tablet
AVG has been offering a pair of Android security applications for a while, and both the free and paid versions of its app have proved to be extremely popular with Android users. Now the company has launched a tablet-specific version as well.

Called AVG Mobilation for Android, the new app offers protection from malware, and a handful of other useful functions. Mobilation also provides a backup system which can secure your contacts, call logs, bookmarks, apps, and SMS messages. There's an App Locker, which allows you to password protect any app you've got installed on your Android device, and as if that wasn't enough, AVG has also built spam blocking and and task killing functionality into Mobilation.

Free and Pro versions of AVG Mobilation for Android tablets are due soon, but pricing and dates have yet to be confirmed.

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