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WordPress enables new iPad-optimized layout for its 18 million blogs

WordPress iPad themeWordPress has just announced the introduction of a 'pure HTML5' iPad-optimized theme. It has been automatically activated for all 18 million blogs, and self-hosted users can download and install the plug-in manually.

The iPad-optimized layout, which was developed with tablet publishing specialist OnSwipe, supports touch interactions, swiping, rotation and 'many other features of the iPad,' all with the power of HTML5. The theme is highly configurable, too. You can change the font typeface, choose from nine different 'skins' to match your existing blog theme, and you can set a 'cover' image. Of course, if you want visitors to simply see your normal blog theme, you can just disable the new iPad plug-in.

WordPress, which claims that it powers over 10% of the Web, says that it currently serves 750,000 pages views a day to iPad users -- a number that will surely explode over the next few years. What we're seeing here, first with Flickr last week, and now with the WordPress juggernaut firmly embracing tablet computing, is a resounding acknowledgment of a post-PC world. It's a very good sign of things to come, too; we expect there'll be a lot of tablet-optimized websites in 2011.

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