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Miro 4 will add mobile device sync and home network media sharing

Miro 4 mobile device syncing

Miro, the open source cross-platform app that lets you easily watch and subscribe to online video and audio content, is set to add a couple of nifty features in its upcoming new major version, Miro 4.

Miro 4 will come with mobile device sync capabilities. This will allow for automatic transfers of downloaded media to mobile phones, tablets, or even external hard drives. And while it's at it, Miro will automatically convert videos to a format and resolution supported by the particular device you're syncing to. This will use the same tech that's employed in the standalone Miro Video Converter released last year.

The other highlight of Miro 4 must surely be home sharing, which will let you stream and transfer media between multiple computers running Miro on the same network. The iTunes DAAP protocol will be used to accomplish this, which means that your Miro shares will also be accessible to other DAAP-enabled devices such as Apple's iPad.

Other features are also on the way, such as an extensions API, a greater emphasis on audio content, and revamped search functionality. Miro 4 will be released sometime next month.

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