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IMDb app for iOS adds Watchlist, magical search, AirPlay for trailers, and more

IMDb 2.1 for iOSIMDb has updated its iOS app to version 2.1. The new release has a few nice features added, along with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can now create and maintain a Watchlist, to which you can add movies and TV shows that interest you. The aptly-named 'magical search' behaves in the way Google Instant does, showing results while you type. There's also added support for viewing trailers via AirPlay, and IMDB is one of the first apps to take advantage of the third-party AirPlay support built into iOS 4.3. It lets you wirelessly send video from your iDevice to your Apple TV or a compatible third-party app like Banana TV. In this case, you can view trailers on your TV with one tap.

Showtime listings have been improved, and you can now search for listings based on distance from your current location. IMDb 2.1 for iOS also lets you purchase movie tickets from within the app if you're in the U.S., U.K., Canada or Spain. The app now lets you access your IMDb ratings history, viewing all the movies and TV shows you've ever rated on IMDb. And finally, there's a new Entertainment News module inside the app, which allows you to keep up with celebrities, and delivers information on the newest movies and TV shows.

Download IMDb 2.1 for iOS for free from the iTunes App Store

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