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Google Drawings gets revisions, presence, and format painter tool

Google Drawings
Google Drawings has just been updated to bring it into line with the rest of the Google Docs suite. The update includes revision history, which lets you see who added what and when, with the same interface used in both Documents and Spreadsheets. Presence indication has been added too, with shapes highlighted with a color linked to the current user. It mimics the text colors used to highlight what each person is writing in Documents, except highlighting the shapes and drawing elements that each person is contributing instead. Combined with revision history, the two features make is easier than ever to create collaborative drawings.

Google's added a format painter tool to Drawings as well, which lets you copy the format of a shape and paste it onto another shape. This helps you copy exact colors, as well as shape formatting, allowing you to create multiples of shapes and colors quickly and easily. Sub-group selection has been introduced too, making selection of shapes within a group possible without ungrouping the group.

There are a few things missing from Google Drawings, but it's rapidly becoming the easiest and quickest way to knock up a rough drawing with colleagues or friends. Check out these additions and more by heading to Google Docs and starting a new drawing.

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