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CrossOver Games for Mac and Linux updated, fixes Rift, improves WoW and Star Trek Online

Rift for Windows, on Mac, with CrossOver
CrossOver Games, a commercial implementation of Windows emulator Wine, has been updated to version 10.1, bringing support for the new (and seemingly popular) Rift MMORPG to Linux and Mac PCs.

Beyond other bug and stability fixes, CrossOver 10.1 finally lets you install World of Warcraft with the Blizzard Downloader, and support for Star Trek Online's launcher has been improved a bit (but the game itself still doesn't perform fantastically).

CrossOver, if you've never heard of it before, is an emulation suite developed by CodeWeavers that lets you run many Windows programs on Mac and Linux computers. The list of supported programs is extensive, including Microsoft Office, and a ton of Windows games, such as Civilization, Fallout, EVE, Left 4 Dead, and so on.

There's a free trial available, but to get a full license of CrossOver Pro will cost you around $70 -- or $40, if you just want the CrossOver Games package. It's worth the money, though, if you don't want to play around with virtual machines and dual-booting.

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