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Color location-based photo sharing app makes a big splash on iPhone and Android

Just when Instagram had reached the peak of trendiness, along comes the next big thing in mobile photo-sharing: Color. Color is an iPhone/Android app that lets you share location-tagged photos. What's new about Color is the way it builds your contacts: it shows you photos from people who are currently within 100 feet of you, whether you know them or not.

If you're around someone all the time, Color will figure out that you know that person, and start showing you more of their photos. Meanwhile, photos from the strangers who move in and out of your life will disappear as quickly as the people themselves. This "elastic" social network is supposed to encourage people to say hi to one another, while keeping the photos relevant by showing your current location.

It's an interesting play with a ton of money behind it -- the domain name alone cost the startup $350,000. It's also got a big name attached: Bill Nguyen, who also founded and sold it to Apple. Whether users are comfortable with this new, very public way of sharing photos will determine whether Color's future is bright. If it doesn't work on its own, we're sure the technology would be an attractive buy for a company like Facebook which thrives on creatively pushing the bounds of privacy.

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