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Climsy shares images on your clipboard via Dropbox and Imageshack

climsy share images dropbox
Every now and then, there's screen capture or image you stumble across that you just have to share. Climsy is a nice, simple Windows program which makes the process dead simple. It works the way FluffyApp does: take a screenshot or right-click and copy an image to your clipboard in any application, and Climsy will file it to a folder of your choosing or upload to either your Dropbox account, Imageshack, or to Climsy's own server. There's a configurable setting for automatic uploading, and Climsy will report back with a link to your file once the transfer has completed (which you can see above).

Right now, Climsy only supports full screen (Prt Scrn) or single application window captures (Alt+Prt Scrn). We'd like to see a selectable region capture, a la Screenpresso, added to round things out. We'd also like to see support for short URLs, just in case some of our links get a bit lengthy.

Climsy is available as an installer and as a portable application, and it's totally free for both personal and commercial use. It's incredibly lightweight, too -- barely clocking more than 1MB of memory on our Windows 7 test rig.

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