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YouTube Video Editor gets impressive stabilization and 3D Video Creator

YouTube Video editor with stablization
Google has just updated its cloud-based YouTube video editor to include the fruits of its recent purchase, plus a bit of 3D thrown in for good measure. The in-browser editor can now dramatically reduce camera shake using technology acquired from Green Parrot Pictures. It works by charting the best camera path for you, as if you were using a dolly or tripod, using a 'unified optimization technique.' In essence, it gives you a one-click solution for clearing up your shaky camera work, and the best bit is that you can preview it in real-time before you publish. Considering how much processing power video optimization like this demands, Google's pushing some impressive cloud computing here, distributing the load across a range of servers.

If video stabilization wasn't enough to sate your demands for a cloud-based video editor, how about a bit of 3D? Google's integrated 3D video production using two separate streams -- the kind of thing you get when you bolt two cameras together filming at a set distance apart at the same time. It's been quite difficult to create a 3D video from two cameras using just free tools, but now Google has integrated it into the YouTube 3D Video Creator and made it compatible with YouTube's 3D features.

So if you're a budding 3D movie maker on a budget, or you're a tad shaky when it comes to hand-held video, then checkout the new YouTube 3D Video Creator or the YouTube video editor. Hit the jump for a before and after comparison of the video stabilizer in action.

Before stabilization

After stabilization

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