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WordPress 3.2 to remove support for old tech and introduce distraction-free writing

WordPress 3.2, minimal post editor (this is not a real image)
According to a developer post from WordPress, the popular content management platforms has its sights set on becoming both lighter and faster than ever before. The company is focused on moving ahead, and that means it's time to leave behind some old technologies. A minimum of PHP 5.2.4 will be required, as will MySQL 5. IE6 support is also being shoved to the back burner -- security updates which only affect the aging browser will be lowered in priority and WordPress may even consider adding an upgrade nag.

WordPress 3.2 will also see the introduction of a distraction-free writing mode, like those found in Byword or Ommwriter, and lead developer Mark Jaquith wants to ensure that the overall experience is "more lightweight and calming." He's also working with the WordPress crew to squeeze additional performance gains wherever possible.

The timeline for WordPress 3.2 is due to be released this week.

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