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Everyday for iOS is an app that wants to watch you get old

Everyday for iOSEveryday for iOS is a self-portrait app with a unique twist: it will create a timeline of you getting older. It's quite easy to use, too. The basic idea behind the 'timeline' aspect of the app is that you'll snap a self-portrait every single day. All of these photos are saved and available in a neat timeline view inside the app. Once you've taken a reasonable amount of photos, they can be stitched together into a time-lapse movie. And if you somehow manage to keep snapping that photo of yourself each day for a few decades, the result is surely going to be unbelievably cool. Watch the video of a guy who did this for 8 years, if you want to see what the end result could look like.

Of course, the app may not end up supporting the iPhone 10, so who knows if that scenario is even plausible... Anyway, even with a smaller number of photos, this app can provide some nice memories or at least something to laugh at with your friends.

To take a picture, you can either line up your face following on-screen guides, or use an overlay of a past photo to guide you. This ensures that your portraits will look rather professional, and that they can be used in your time-lapse movie. Individual photos can be manually shared to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. Everyday can also pop up a nice reminder for you to snap a pic of yourself each day.

The app's rather odd promotional video is embedded after the jump.

Buy Everyday for iOS for $1.99 from the iTunes App Store

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