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AOL Tech Dropbox viewer offers slick galleries, and adds commenting

Sharing an entire Dropbox folder can be a bit of a pain, unless it's your Public folder. Plus, Dropbox only natively displays photo galleries for your Photos folder. What's a sharing addict to do? Try, a Dropbox viewer that lets you share any folder publicly or with selected friends, and adds great-looking galleries and comments to boot. connects to Dropbox, and then lets you create public or private shares of your folders. Public is self-explanatory: it gives anyone with the link the ability to browse and download the contents of the shared folder. Private shares are only accessible to people you invite via email, and you can see and edit who has access right from your shares list. Private shares also enable comments, both on the folder itself and on the individual files.

If you want to use as a portfolio, just share a folder full of images, and the rest is taken care of for you. Pretty slick indeed.

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